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with Kay Zega, Registered Master Teacher

Treatments, Training, Mentoring, Counselling: Worcester, England.

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Workshop Dates Overview

Listed below are Workshops, Courses, Retreats offering all levels of Angelic Reiki from beginner to Master Teacher.
Taught in the purity of Archangel Metatron’s exquisite system of angelic healing and consciousness expansion they honour both the spirit and practice of the cosmic/spiritual laws that underpin Angelic Reiki.  These workshops also promote the highest standards of ethical practice when treating the public.

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Note Gift Vouchers are available to any value.


Angelic Reiki Level 1 & 2 - more information

Cost:  £252 (£100 deposit non-returnable if you cancel)


 2½ days (19 hours)
   (Weekend & week day courses provided)
Dates:  Enquire re dates.


Angelic Reiki Master Level 3 & 4 - more information

Cost:  £360  (£100 deposit non-returnable if you cancel)

 2½ days (19 hours)
   (Weekend and week day courses provided)
Dates:  Enquire re dates


Professional Practitioner Level  more information



Part 1£225 

2 days

Part 1  
Part 2 -  £105

1 day       (3 day total hours:  24)

Part 2
Those who have already achieved Angelic Reiki Level 1&2 and Level 3&4 (with Kay Zega or another teacher) who wish to operate as a Professional Angelic Reiki Practitioner. 
Also for those who intend progressing on to the Master Teacher level in order to teach the full system of Angelic Reiki.
You are also welcome if you simply want to attend as a refresher or for teaching observation.


Periodically, a 6 day intensive Professional Practitioner combined with Master Teacher Retreat is offered.
Enquire when the next one will be.   The fee for this Retreat is £750, with instalments available.

Master Teacher Level - more information

Cost: £420 (£100 deposit  non-returnable if you cancel)


3 days
 Dates: Enquire re dates


Angelic Reiki Refresher/Skills Enhancement Workshops   - more information

Cost:    Varied, see  here for full information

Dates:  Workshops organised in line with demand (minimum 6 participants) 

See our comprehensive range of Angelic Reiki refresher/skills enhancement workshops plus other CPD/CPPD opportunities.

Browse through the many ½ day, 1 day, 1½ day and other workshops to see whether any of them might be beneficial to you (or your students).  All levels of experience and learning are respected/utilised in a supportive, developmental environment for maximum benefit of all participants. 

Contact Kay to express your interest.


Interested in any of the workshops and courses on offer?

See relevant Workshop page for full details of each workshop/course offered
or click here to Contact Kay Zega.